8 nov

Arabian Ranches Winter Wonderland

Arabian Ranches Winter Wonderland

1st – 31st December, every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

All month long enjoy the best ‘far from home’ Christmas experience and indulge in our European Christmas market.


From the heart of Europe

Maison Mathis has its culinary roots in the heart of Europe.

And that’s not just a metaphor to make things sound a bit more fancy. We’re from Belgium. Belgium is a small country, so we’ve been conquered, annexed and ruled by just about every single one of our neighboring countries. All these foreign influences (with lots of French character and taste) found their way into our kitchens, blessing the Belgian cuisine with its unique European identity.

Maison Mathis’ vision is an honest reflection of the local food culture we grew up with. Simple and fresh with a love of quality ingredients. No fuss, no drama. Just good food prepared with love and passion.


All good food comes with a story.

Food culture is passed on from generation to generation and tells the story of a culture. It tells the story of its past, its present and its future. We bring you our food and our story.

Our menu serves appetites of every size.

Come in any time of the day for a perfectly served coffee. Or why not go for a refreshing Belgian beer, a batch of our traditional Belgian waffles or treat yourself to a fresh salad, soup or sandwich? There’s plenty to enjoy at Maison Mathis. Bon Appétit!